Eleven Days Until Thanksgiving Eve 

It feels like a Spectacular Saturday!

For many of us, Thanksgiving Eve is the day that puts us in the mood for the upcoming holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

On Tuesday, 11/22/16, some of you will leave work and begin your travels.  You may depart from an airport, train station, or bus station.  Or, you may get into your vehicle (or a rented vehicle) and begin a one to 12-hour road trip.  If you are going back to your hometown, you may decide to hang out and drink at the local bar with former schoolmates or hometown friends.  Your justification for drinking excessively may be that you haven’t seen them in such a long time that it would be rude not to drink and catch up on life’s happenings for a few hours.

You might even think if you get drunk enough, you could use intoxication as an excuse for some inappropriate behaviors.  For instance, you might try (or actually) have sex with your high school girlfriend or boyfriend or a stranger from the bar.  Maybe you will use intoxication as an excuse for staggering into your parent’s house at 4:37 am.            

As you sit drinking for hours in a bar in Anytown, USA, you may feel good and have a good time.  The last thing you will think about is that each standard drink (see image below) you have will raise your BAC (blood alcohol content) level to 0.02.  If you drink one shot at 5:30 pm, you will be at 0.02. If you finish a beer by 5:50 pm, you will be at  0.04. That is if you are an average size male with a healthy liver.


If you are drinking an Aunt Roberta Cocktail, Zombie Cocktail, Long Island Ice Tea, or Bone Dry Martini, who knows what your BAC level will be.  It will definitely be much higher than the 0.02 for each standard drink.  Again, the last thing you will be thinking about is your BAC level.

Here’s something to think about. Just as you anticipated sitting in a bar drinking for hours, there will be officers sitting for hours in their patrol cars.  They will be anticipating that someone like you will eventually come out of a bar drunk and make the unwise decision to drive. 

I will continue this blog in a day or so.



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