One Week Until Thanksgiving



This means that there are only six days to Thanksgiving Eve. Remember, this is the busiest night of the year for bars that is also known as Black Wednesday. There have been no scientific studies conducted, but we will have to take the word of bar owners and managers throughout the land. They have made consistent claims that their sales go up, up and away on this night more so than any other night of the year.

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The Drink Nation attributes four factors as reasons for the surge in drinking on the Eve of Thanksgiving. I will add my own commentary to their four factors.

  1. Almost everyone has Thanksgiving Day off from work. My apologies to those of you working for companies that operate 24/7/365. The bright side is that we need you if your business leaders strongly advise you to show up for work rather than stay home and eat a good appetizer before your big meal.

  2. Most people do not want to entertain the night before eating their turkey.  If any of you are like me or my mom, you are working hard preparing a huge meal on Thanksgiving Eve, so it will be ready for consumption early on Thanksgiving Day.

  3. Many people go home for the holidays and want to see old friends. Why is it that so many people have old friends who want to laugh, talk and reminisce while drinking alcohol?  Take it from once in a blue moon alcohol consumer like myself, you are three times more likely to have enjoyable and memorable fun when you are sober. Plus, we non-drinking folks never have to worry about a DUI arrest or sitting in jail while everyone else is eating sweet potato pie or Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake.

  4. Your huge meal might help your Thanksgiving Eve hangover.  The appetizer, side dishes, turkey, ham, rolls, punch, and dessert can help nourish your body. It will not lessen your BAC any quicker, but you should feel better after eating a delicious meal. If you overeat, it will lessen the chance that you will consume more alcohol. If you stuff yourself, you will most likely fall asleep.



Just remember that sleep does not rid your body of alcohol.  You drink quickly to get the alcohol in.  Your liver metabolizes slowly trying to get the alcohol out.  Relax, eat some more food, don’t drink any more alcohol and don’t drive.  You wouldn’t want to get an early morning or afternoon DUI on Thanksgiving Day.


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