Will You Make it Home Safely?

Today is Thanksgiving Eve also known as Black Wednesday.  This is the busiest day of the year for bars.  Will you be one of the thousands of people who will drink too much alcohol at a bar?  If you plan to help bars maintain their high profits, think about the following:

  • Why do you feel a need to go to a bar tonight?
  • Can you socialize and celebrate without drinking alcohol?
  • Will you monitor and limit your alcohol intake?
  • Can you have just one glass of wine, one beer or one shot of liquor?
  • How much money could you save if you do not drink excessively?
  • Can you use that money for something other than alcohol?
  • If you plan to drink one or more drinks, do you have a plan for a safe ride home?
  • Will you pre-arrange a ride from a taxi, friend, designated driver, or Uber?
  • Or, will you wait for the city, county or state’s limousine service to give you a ride from the side of the road?



If tonight will be the busiest night of the year for bars, can you think of other businesses that will be busy? If you guessed law enforcement and jails, you are right.  If you are a drinker and you do not make arrangements for a safe ride home, you are taking an unnecessary risk.

You may think the odds of getting home safely are very high because you have driven drunk several times without problems.  What about the odds of not getting home safely? You could get arrested and taken to jail.  You could get into an auto accident and be taken to the hospital.  You could get into an accident, kill others and end up in prison.  You could be killed and taken to the morgue.


Are drinking and driving really worth the risk?



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