Did You Get New Bracelets?

I don’t know about you, but this style of bracelet would not look good on my wrists.  If you do not like the look, the 6-A Model of Alcohol Abuse in Offenders can help you avoid this.  


Hopefully, you survived Black Wednesday aka Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Saturday and Sunday before Cyber Monday. This could be an overwhelming time of the year for some people. Maybe you did not join the thousands who gathered in bars on Thanksgiving Eve to have a few rounds of drinks. Maybe you did not continue drinking throughout Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Saturday, and today. Maybe you have good coping skills and know how to maintain control, so the past week was not too overwhelming.

Did you kdui-roadblocks-and-dui-checkpoints-in-arizona-150x150now your preoccupation with alcohol over these past few days was anticipated? Law enforcement was prepared with an increase of officers doing DUI patrols on highways, main streets, back roads, and anywhere they suspected they would find drunk drivers. If you were one of the many DUI arrestees, then you are aware of the increase in DUI patrols.  Law enforcement spends a great deal of time, money and effort to stop people from drinking and driving. The penalties are getting tougher.  Is it worth your life or freedom to get caught drinking and driving?

I would love to hear from anyone who was arrested or know someone who was arrested.  If you managed to drink and drive without being arrested, I really want to hear from you. Did you encounter a DUI checkpoint? Were you arrested? If so, what consequences do you face? Did you use a designated driver (DD), a taxi or a friend to get you home safely?  How much did you drink (if you remember)? Did you get into an accident?

A copy of the 6-A Model of Alcohol Abuse in Offenders could be yours.  I am offering a Cyber Monday special of 50% off of a copy of the workbook when you buy the book. Simply tell me about your DUI experience over the past few days. This deal ends at noon on Wednesday, November 30 , 2016.

Your identity would remain anonymous. I just want to hear your story. Leave a comment, follow me, or send a private message using the Contact page.

Who will dare to share?

Pre-order your copy of 6-A Model of Alcohol Abuse

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