Appreciating Life and Making Improvements


If you are reading this it means you are one of the many people who survived another year. We have one more day until we enter a new year. I will be optimistic and believe that all of us will make it to 2017.

I truly appreciate life and this feeling has been reinforced with news of recently departed celebrities: Alan Thicke, Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds. Of course, non-famous people have passed on too in December and throughout 2016. Death has a way of making you really appreciate life.

Sometimes people take life for granted. They don’t always do things that show their appreciation for life. This is the time of year that some people will realize time is passing by, people are dying and they could be healthier or happier. They will think about how many ways they can improve their life. Then, they will make resolutions to do better in the new year. They will resolve to eat healthier, exercise, quit smoking, stop drinking (alcohol), etc, etc, etc.  Self-improvement is always a good thing and it can take place any time of the year. There is no need to wait until the promise of a new year to improve our lives.

Most of us are in control of our thoughts, choices and behaviors 365 days a year. We can choose to make changes and improve our lives at any time. My innovative treatment model, the 6-A Model is a resource that is available to help anyone striving to make improvements. If controlling your alcohol intake, managing your anger, minimizing your anxiety and improving your attitude is on your list of improvements, the 6-A Model can help. Learn more about it in my recently published article A New Treatment Model for Alcohol Misuse.  Please share your thoughts and leave a comment after reading the article.

If you appreciate all of the memorable moments that made you smile and laugh throughout 2016, the only improvement needed is to smile and laugh more in 2017.


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