Fun and Games with Alcohol

During my last post, I discussed Celebratory Drinking.  The month of February had a few “I’ll drink to that” occasions.  The last famous celebration of the month of February was the 89th Academy Awards or the Oscars. The wins and losses or losses and wins that had many scratching their heads probably prompted a few celebratory drinks.  Since I did not attend the Oscars in Los Angeles or an Oscars party in my area, I read articles, news stories, social media posts, and watched video clips.

One article, Oscars 2017: Make the Cocktails Celebs Are Drinking at the After-Party, gave tips on how non-celebrities can drink like the celebrities. I’m sure a few celebs in recovery and abstainers were drinking non-alcoholic beverages or skipping the after-parties. Another article, Dancing, Drinking and Way Too Much Fun: Inside All of the Oscars Afterparties, described some of the after-party fun that is commonplace after the Oscars. The title alone seems to insinuate that drinking is correlated with lots of fun. Hopefully, celebrities at Oscar after-parties and non-celebrities at Oscars-watching parties drank responsibly. Alcohol and fun should not equate to drunkenness and a DUI.


The next two articles — Oscars 2017 Drinking Game: Rules For Sipping, Gulping And Guzzling Through TheAcademy Awards and Behold Our Official 2017 Oscars Drinking Game — encouraged drinkers to have fun with their alcohol intake by playing drinking games.  These articles seem to be targeting the college-aged population who are most likely to play drinking games.

The first problem with targeting college-aged youth and encouraging drinking games is that many students will consume more alcohol for the sake of the games.  Second, many college students are under the legal drinking age of 21.  Next, binge drinking on college campuses is a major problem. Finally, alcohol misuse and abuse by college students increase their risk of an alcohol-related death. Assault by intoxicated students is more likely because intoxication can lead some people to anger and violent behaviors.  The most disturbing thing about college drinking is that 97,000 students between 18 and 24 years of age have reported an alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape.

From celebratory drinking at awards after-parties to drinking games, they can begin with no harmful intent.  Alcohol is a toxin and playing games with it can get out of hand and lead to serious problems.


Questions & Thoughts to Ponder:

  1. Did you consume more alcohol during the 28 days of February due to the multitude of celebrations (Valentine’s Day, Super Bowl LI, Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, Black History Month, President’s Day)?
  2. Do you think the emphasis on alcohol consumption and drinking games connected to the Oscars encouraged more drinking among those aged 18 to 25?
  3. Do you think college students and others who play drinking games are at risk for alcohol poisoning or assault?


I’m interested in reading your answers to the Questions & Thoughts to Ponder. Please leave comments about this article and other articles posted on Bagwell’s Book Blog. Don’t forget to subscribe and/or follow me.

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