Time Management

Written by Tonja Bagwell


Spring Forward is a great time to ponder the importance and value of time. Life seems to boil down to time or money. Either you spend time or you spend money. Either you lose valuable time or you lose hard-earned money. In some circumstances, a person loses time and money. No one wants to lose time and/or money. If a person loses both, it should be a powerful motivation to think about changing their thoughts, behaviors, and circumstances.

Over the years, I have listened to an abundance of stories about time and money losses. Some of these stories were told by clients who were offenders. A few of them lost track of time while drinking, partying or doing other unhealthy things that distracted them. When they lost track of time, they also lost track of how much alcohol they had consumed. Once they were intoxicated, their patience level dropped to zero. They had no time to wait for a designated driver, a taxi or a friend to safely drive them home. Their impatience often cost them valuable time.

After an arrest, several clients spent time in jail. Usually, they spent more time in jail than they did drinking and driving. Their driver’s license was suspended for a certain amount of time ranging from months to years. They were mandated to spend a designated amount of time in DUI education classes, group counseling sessions, and alcohol support meetings.

Alcohol-jail-1762140_960_720related offenses such as DUIs are expensive. Spending thousands of dollars on alcohol-related legal costs is difficult for many people, especially if they lose their job because of the DUI. Surprisingly, many clients felt the most challenging ordeal was their loss of time. Money can be earned again, but time lost is gone forever.

One client spent four years in prison because he did not take the time to comply with court mandates that would have taken approximately six months. His children continued to develop and lost that time with them.  The world changed as he remained the same, doing time.

One of our nation’s greatest punishments is mandating offenders to spend time in jail or prison. This takes away their freedom to do what they please with their time. This also gives them plenty of time to think about their thoughts and behaviors that led to jail.

If you do not have a job, do not attend school, do not have a family or friends, and you have lots of time on your hands, then jail/prison might be an adventure for you. You could work, attend school, become part of a family, and find new friends in prison. If this does not sound promising and you value your time, it might be wise to think carefully before committing an offense.

You can order copies of the 6-A Model of Alcohol Abuse in Offenders book and workbook to learn more about how to avoid alcohol-related offenses that could cost valuable time.


  1. Which is most valuable to you? ___Time ___Money___
  2. Do you use your time wisely each day? ___Yes ___No
  3. Do you think you could benefit from Time Management services? ___Yes ___No

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