Striving, Surviving and Thriving

Watching videos of animals interacting is very interesting. Their actions are usually centered on survival. Lions are dubbed ‘King of the jungle’ and that is probably based on their attitude. When humans display a lion’s attitude, they can be labeled as arrogant or aggressive. Humans do not have to be arrogant, aggressive or attitudinal to […]

Inhumaneness of Officers on Flight 3411

Written by Tonja Bagwell United Airlines (UA) instigated a brutal attack on their airplane. The world has voiced their anger and disgust with UA and their CEO Oscar Munoz. Since the horrific ordeal on Flight 3411, videos and comments on social media have been incessant. The negative focus has been on UA as it should be. The […]

The Risk of (PTSD)

Written by Tonja Bagwell The good news is that United Airlines has united people around the globe as they share their thoughts and feelings via social media. The horrific videos of the abused elderly man have outraged people in all countries. Social media and the media has been filled with comments, stories, news reports, photos, […]